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I am a psychologist in Stockholm, Sweden. On this blog I write mainly about parenting, self-esteem and psychotherapy. I work with therapy according to the works of Jean Jenson and Ingeborg Bosch. This is a new and effective approach which combines behavioral and emotional work. Many of my clients have issues with self-esteem and also have questions about the impact of their personal history on their present day life.

Apart from writing about this therapy, I am also very fond of the ideas of Aletha Solter and Lawrence Cohen, and I translate and write about their work.

I welcome English-speaking clients to my practice, I speak fluent English and I can also work in French if needed. If you would be interested in this, I offer a free one-hour trial consultation, so that you can get a feel for how I work. My e-mail is

For more information about the therapy, please have refer to Ingeborg Boschs page. The therapy is also inspired by the work of Alice Miller.

Most posts on this blog are written in Swedish. If you don’t understand Swedish, you can get a rough translation through an online translator such as Google translate.

Link to the posts in English on this blog.

Please feel welcome to contact me if you have any questions or so. If you want to link to this blog, you might need to use the standardized form: – the title contains a Swedish umlaut-character.